Top Rated, BEST Nursing Bras of 2013-2014

#1 – Bravado! Body Silk Seamless Nursing Soft Cup Bra
Bravado! Body Silk Seamless Nursing Soft Cup Brareviews
The Bravado! Body Silk Seamless Nursing Soft Cup Bra is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to get a high quality nursing bra for a reasonable price. This is a molded soft cup bra with a stretch nylon blend that allows maximum comfort and durability so you are certain that you are getting your money’s worth. It comes standard with front-adjustable straps that are convenient for maximizing a perfect fit.

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#2 – Bravado! The Bliss Women’s Nursing Bra
Bravado The Bliss Womens Nursing Brareviews
The Bravado! The Bliss Womens Nursing Bra is a top-quality choice for mothers that are looking for a seamless, wire-free bra that is cozy and well-fitting. This nursing bra offers some of the best support with it’s Flex-Sit support channel that is also lined with comfortable foam. This has been specially designed to fit the needs of those looking to buy one of the best nursing bras on the market.

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#3 – Medela Sleep Nursing Bra
Medela Sleep Nursing Brareviews
Finally! A top-quality nursing bra that is meant to be extremely affordable, but still have the quality and performance of a very expensive nursing bra. The Medela Sleep Nursing Bra is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, ensuring that you are comfortable at all times. There is no under-wire and a “racer back” back closure for a perfect fit. This highly recommended Nursing Bra is a top choice for most mothers!

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Nursing bras are available from a wide range of brands and styles and it is important to make the right choice to ensure that the mother is not only comfortable while nursing, but that she is able to remain comfortable while recovering after birth. They are created with easy access to the nipple through a panel that can be simply unhooked from the top of the bra, exposing the nipple. Most nursing bras are easy enough to expose with one hand, making it simple to feed even the wiggliest of babies. There are many types of nursing bras that are available to choose from and it is important to take into account personal preference and even try on the bras in a maternity wear store before making the decision.

Here are some of the styles of nursing bras that can be chosen from:

Soft Cup Nursing Bras
Soft cup nursing bras are considered to be most comfortable for mother’s that are coping with the recovery after birth. Soft cup nursing bras are comfortable and easy to wear and many women find that they are comfortable enough to wear throughout the pregnancy – as well as after.

Soft cup nursing bras are available in seamless styles that can make them an easily choice to wear with t-shirts to avoid the traditional bra seams through the t-shirt.

Convertible Nursing Bras
Convertible nursing bras have straps that can be worn multiple ways, ensuring that you are able to wear the nursing bra with a sleeveless shirt, or a racer-back shirt, without exposing the straps of the bra. The various ways to wear the bra can be chosen based on the type of clothing, but also on the way that the mother finds the bra most comfortable supportive, important while breastfeeding.

Nursing bras make nursing a whole lot easier, especially through the night and while spending time out in public. Since there are many options that are available to choose from it is important to research the brands, the sizes and the types of bras that are going to best suit your lifestyle.

Asking other mothers about the nursing bras that they have tried can be an effective way to ensure that you are able to get honest and straightforward opinions about the brands of bras that were best, and those that should be avoided. These mothers often have experience while shopping for bras, allowing the experience to help you to avoid the discomfort that comes from choosing the wrong type of nursing bra.

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Leading Lady Light Control Molded Sports Nursing Bra

For women searching for a comfortable nursing bra that is going to provide light support through day time or night time wear, the Leading Lady light Control Molded Sports Nursing Bra is a great option. The comfortable nursing bra is created from soft microfiber fabric that is comfortable against the skin, and molds to the body.

Leading Lady Light Control Molded Sports Nursing Bra

The inner sling design of the bra and take-down cups make it simple to access the breasts while nursing and can be a discreet way to nurse in public.

Comfortable designs are created with the microfiber fabric, while creating a versatile design suited for women searching for a nursing bra with cup sizes between B and DDD, ensuring that women are able to find a comfortable nursing bra in the proper size.

Features of the Leading Lady Light Control Molded Sports Nursing Bra Include:

  • Wire free design ensures comfort and safety while the nursing bra is being worn throughout the day, or night time
  • Comfort straps throughout the shoulder to avoid the digging in of the straps that can occur with traditional bras worn while nursing
  • Designed for low impact or light activities
  • Three column, two row, hook and eye enclosure throughout the style of the bra

The comfortable style of the bra is one that is going to become one of the favorite daily bras that is worn. The popular style of the bra is sure to become one of these styles – and the affordable price tag means that women can choose two or three of the bras to create a style that is functional, comfortable and soft.

Leading Lady Light Control Molded Sports Nursing Bra

Created without forms and wires in the nursing bra, women can rest assured that they are going to be safe while wearing the bra and comfortable. The cups of the bra are easily brought down for discrete nursing and come with the added bonus of being one of the most highly reviewed and comfortable bras that are available for women seeking light support while working out in the nursing bra.

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PumpEase Classic Collection Hands-Free Pumping Bra Review

A no-hands pumping nursing bra that allows the mother to pump using a traditional breast pump can allow the hands to be free for other activities and multi-tasking – and stop the restrictions that come with traditional nursing bras that require hands to hold the pump in place while expressing breast milk.

PumpEase Classic Collection Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Available in sizes from small to extra large, women are able to choose the bra that suits their breast size, using the size chart to determine the size that is going to suit their body. Women should ensure that the size chart is followed, as this can ensure that the breasts are going to be in the correct position for adequate pumping. Four colors are available including black, grey, blue and red, creating options women can choose from when it comes to the nursing collection.

Women can easily choose the pump that is going to be used to express breastmilk and coordinate the nursing pump and accessories with the bra. The easy to use bra allows the woman to position the breasts with the use of the suctions, and use the bra to hold the nursing pump in place with the accessories, pumping with simple hands free action that make multi-tasking easier.

Best used with an electric pump to allow the woman to multi-task while expressing milk, the popular style of bra is a must have for women on the go that are searching for a way to express breast milk easily – and with the highest level of convenience.

PumpEase Classic Collection Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Created from durable materials, women can rest assured that the PumpEase nursing bra is going to be simple to use and continually used in part of the wardrobe for those times when hands-free pumping is desired. The versatile designs make it simple for women to get the results they need and make pumping as simple as possible – while creating a sense of style in the pumping bra.

With many choices available, women should ensure that the right size is being chosen. Choosing the right size can be simple when it comes to the bra, as the size chart can be consulted and compared with the current measurements. Getting the right size is essential, as it’s going to ensure the best results.

Learn more about the PumpEase Classic Collection Hands-Free Pumping Bra

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Le Mystere Women’s Florence Nursing Bra #161 Review

For women seeking the ultimate in stylish nursing bras, Le Mystere Nursing Bras are the premier choice. Forget the traditional style of frumpy nursing bra that you have in mind when you think about nursing and bring your nursing style up to date with Le Mystere.

Le Mystere Women’s Florence Nursing Bra 161

The Le Mystere Women’s Florence Nursing Bra #161 is created from comfortable cotton and nylon blends, with a touch of Lycra to ensure that comfortable fit throughout the bra. The cotton design is emphasized with a classic bridging of lace throughout the top of the bra to bring fashionable style into nursing.

Women can choose from a wide range of styles and sizes throughout the Le Mystere brand, but the Florence style of nursing bra remains the most popular choice for women that are seeking something out of the ordinary, perhaps for an evening out, a vacation or just one of those days when you need that little bit of oomph in your step!

Le Mystere Women’s Florence Nursing Bra 161

The pretty and delicate lace detail is a great way to bring out your own style while nursing – and because of this pretty style it is recommended to care for the bra a little differently than others that can be simply tossed into the washer. The Manufacturer recommends that the popular style of nursing bra be hand washed in warm water with other items of similar colors. This can ensure that the pretty nursing bra is going to maintain the pretty style, and remain functional even after months of nursing use.

Le Mystere Women’s Florence Nursing Bra 161

Available through popular online marketplaces and lingerie stores, the bra is available in traditional sizing from A to F cup sizes to accommodate plus size women, as well as being available in band sizes 32 to 42. The wide range of sizes ensures that every woman is able to find the best level of comfort for her needs, and get the right size to bring the nursing wardrobe up to date.

White, black and nude are the choices available for women interested in purchasing the Le Mystere Florence Nursing Bra #161, giving popular options for both day and evening wear.

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Can Nursing Bras Cause Health Problems for Mothers?

Establishing the breastfeeding relationship with the infant can cause the mother to experience many hurdles. Throughout the hurdles that are experienced, mothers can reduce the hardship by educating themselves and choosing the right products for their body. One of the decisions that the mother should consider is the nursing bras that are going to be used while breastfeeding the infant.

Choosing the right nursing bra and ensuring that the proper fit has been achieved can help to reduce the amount of potential health problems that may be experienced by the mother. Learning the common problems that are caused by nursing bras can help the mother to make the decision of which nursing bra is going to work for her, and reduce these potential complications.

The most common problem caused by the choice of bra while breastfeeding is swelling, inflammation and pressure on the breast that can lead to infection. Mothers should choose nursing bras that are created without under-wires in the design to reduce the instance that they are going to suffer from this problem. Under-wire designs in the bra can constrict the breast, and should be avoided.

Another issue that breastfeeding mothers face while using nursing bras is finding the right size. Though the right size may be indicated at the time of fitting, there are many fluctuations in sizes throughout the day as the mother is at certain points of nursing the infant.

These fluctuations in sizes can cause the nursing mother to become uncomfortable in traditional bras, but choosing a nursing bra means that the changing sizes are going to be easily accommodated. Nursing bras are able to expand when required, and can return back to the regular size to create comfort while wearing the bra.

Using nursing bras can help to alleviate the pressure that comes with choosing traditional bras. Choosing nursing bras from leading brands that have quality reviews can ensure that the majority of potential issues are avoided while breastfeeding allowing the mother to focus on what’s important – and establish the breastfeeding relationship.

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Does Victoria’s Secret Carry a Nursing Bra?

Victoria’s Secret offers a wide range of stylish bras and lingerie for women of a variety of sizes. From sports bras to sexy lingerie there are many options that are available throughout the line of Victoria’s Secret clothing, but one of the options that can’t be found throughout the line is the option for new mothers to choose nursing bras that can accommodate breastfeeding an infant.

victorias secret nursing bra

Victoria’s Secret stores and online marketplace both have no option available for mothers that are nursing and seeking a traditional nursing bra. The high quality bras available throughout the Victoria’s Secret line are available in traditional styles, but do not have a cup that can be easily unclasped or removed to accommodate those daytime feedings.

Mothers that continue to use the Victoria’s Secret brand of lingerie while nursing enjoy the style and support that comes from the popular lingerie line, but nursing bras are highly convenient and should be considered, or at least tried for mothers that are nursing.

Nursing bras are an important part of preparing for breastfeeding. Mothers likely will not want to fumble with a traditional bra while trying to feed a hungry infant and therefore find that nursing bras are the best choice. Continuing to use the bras from Victoria’s Secret while nursing might provide the support, but can lack the comfort of accommodating the changing breast size throughout the day and the nursing schedule.

In addition, wearing traditional Victoria’s Secret nursing bras while breastfeeding can cause the nursing mother to wear out the bra faster, degrading the quality of the style and causing the bra to have to be replaced sooner – as the bra is constantly being pulled at, upwards, downwards and placing strain on the under-wire of the bra while nursing.

Though there are currently no options available for nursing bras throughout the line of Victoria’s Secret lingerie, there is indeed a demand for the nursing bras from breastfeeding mothers throughout the globe. With the high demand, many new moms and experienced breastfeeding mothers are hoping that a design will be replaced in the future and a nursing bra from Victoria’s Secret will be available.

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