Top of the Line and Expensive Nursing Bras

Granted, nursing bras do not come cheap. Compared to normal bras, nursing bras are a bit pricier and this is probably a result of the many enhanced features that are often incorporated in nursing bras.

In addition, a lot more care is taken when designing such bras in consideration to size, design and support. This is the reason why these bras are much pricier than your average bra. It goes without saying that if it is expensive, then it better be worth it. Below are several examples of top of the line bras which happen to be just a bit pricier.

The Medela Nighttime Nursing bra is another one of the range of products offered by Medela which is specifically designed for nursing mothers. As the name suggests, these bras are specifically designed as sleeping bras for these women. It is able to offer good support as well as comfort.

medela nightime nursing sleep bra

Maternity Motherhood Nursing Wrap Sleep Bra; this bra is also an ideal sleeping bra for nursing mothers. It is big on comfort and has lightweight material which is gentle and non-irritable on the skin.

Motherhood Maternity Wrap Nursing Sleep Bra

Bravado has a new line of nursing bras, named style 1011, which are causing quite the ripple in the Nursing Bra industry. Apart from the fact that it offers great support and flexibility, this line comes in a wide range of exciting colors such as leopard print and a subtle pink. It also offers lots of support for nursing mothers, making the nursing experience much more comfortable.

bravado the new original nursing bra

The Medela Sleep Nursing Bra is just the bra for a nursing mother who is hoping to find a product that contains all the cornerstone features of a good nursing bra in perfect harmony. This bra provides enough comfort that will allow a good night’s sleep as well as good support and adequate flexibility.

medela sleep nursing bra

These are a number of top of the line expensive bras which offer good value for money. However, since one man’s meat may be another’s poison, it is important to try out a number of bras before deciding on the right one for you.

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